REVIEW: Lovelace Releases Debut Album, ‘Lands’


lovelaceSinger-songwriter Lovelace, aka Rebecca Whitbread, is set to release her debut album Lands later this month, July 29th. She released the single “Grizzly” a few weeks ago and I got the opportunity to do a small write-up that you can read here. This whole album is a perfect complement to that first debut track. Dreamy and whimsical, bouncing from one beautiful note to another. Her voice is graceful, almost like a ballet dancer, spinning across the stage. Reminiscent of an early Joni Mitchell, melodies floating in the wind at that perfect octave. Writing this album during a period in her life full of travel and self ambition through America and Europe, discovering her voice and place in music. Lovelace now spends most of her time going between Berlin and London, finding a freedom in herself that allowed her to write and create Lands.

The track “We Danced” is one I find myself going back to on this album. It’s melancholic vibe and just sad remoteness creeps into my thoughts and I am carried away with the sounds. She wrote this bittersweet song in the final hour as she leaves the person she loves and walks out of their apartment, jumping on the plane to never see them again. My heart is broken in the feeling of this song, wanting to reach and hold on just a little longer.

Lovelace is now part of a 5-piece band consisting of herself, Rebecca Whitbread, on Guitar and lead vocals, Hannah Murphy and Ruth Corey on backing vocals, Petter Grevelius on bass and Bernie Gardner on drums. All the artwork was painted by Christopher Savill specifically for the album, painting while listening to the album set on repeat. They are inspiration to one another and have remained friends for many years.

Directed and edited by Carlos Marulanda

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