REVIEW: “Know The Code” by The Young Rochelles

Coming from Long Beach, New York and being punk, I was expecting The Young Rochelles to be Ramones influenced, early 80s-esque punk. The black and white hand drawn leather jacket with buttons with a striped shirt on the EP sleeve and titles printed on what looks like baby blocks, further my expectations of they were going to fit right in with the ‘if it aint broke, sounds like the Ramones, don’t fix it’ mentality of most indie DIY punk bands. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy Ramones inspired punk music, it just gets exhausting when nearly every single indie punk band comes on the scene, they try so hard to look to the early days of American punk and at times, sucks the fun right out of them.

When I dopped the needle on Know The Code, I was pleasantly suprised. Not only did they not go for the obvious “Ramones-Lite” approach, but the music I heard was upbeat, snotty, fast, and fun!

The Young Rochelles have the light-hearted pop punk stylings of early New Found Glory but with the punk snottiness of 30 Amp Fuse, wrapped up in a nice little package of pop-punk goodness. No pretentious pro-political agenda, no brooding ‘Oh I’m a tortured artist’ pitty parties, just straight up fun pop-punk that begs to be cranked at full volume and sang along with. In fact, after the first time hearing the opening track “Stay At Home Man” I restarted the record to hear it again and by the chorus came around, I was singing along.

The most important ingredient in making solid pop-punk music, is finding the right blend of chemistry in the band to convey the sense of having a good time with the music. The Young Rochelles do just that. The entire EP just sounds like a group of guys burning through a handful of punk songs and having a good time doing so. When a band has a good time, so does the listener.

My only real complaint with the EP is the fact that it’s too short! With only 3 songs split between both sides, the party is over before it really starts, but that’s how a good EP is supposed to be, it makes you want more. That’s what they have done masterfully here. As much as fun as these few songs are, I know seeing them live will be just as fun. How well crafted these few songs are on this collection, I know they have an even better album in them yet. Over all “Know The Code” is a fun ride with enough punk flavor to get you pogo dancing at a show, and just enough pop to keep you singing along almost instantly!

Download Know The Code on their bandcamp page HERE

highly recommend picking up the EP on vinyl, compliments of their label Greenway Records

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