Remembering Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman with a Moment of Noise

Photo by Wayne Archibald
Photo by Wayne Archibald

May 2, 2013 Slayer guitarist and original member Jeff Hanneman passed away at the age of 49 from liver failure.

Slayer was a huge part of my musical landscape back in the early to late 80s and are one of the most influential metal bands in history.

I remember first hearing “Aggressive Perfector” on the Metal Massacre III comp and being blown away by the ferocious energy. Seeing them live at a small club in 1984 is still a concert highlight and Reign in Blood remains at the top of my desert island records list.

Hanneman was responsible for writing tracks such as “Angel of Death”, “Die By the Sword”, and “Post Mortem”. He wrote “Raining Blood” with Kerry King.



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