Red Room Sessions: Joel Magid

joel rrs
On June 25th, I got together with the very talented Joel Magid for a Red Room Session, but not before making a stop at AudioCinema to see Chris Franklin from The Portland Creative. We had planned to do an on camera interview with Chris, but because it’s buslife, things changed and we rolled with it. Instead, the three of us talked about the Portland music community, how we have been involved in it, and our visions for artists and creators living here. After our chat, Joel and I headed back to my place for the session. Not only did he play me three great unrecorded songs, he also let me turn on the camera while we talked, however it kind of turned into an episode of Oprah (don’t ask), so we’ll probably do another on camera powwow with Chris at The Portland Creative in the future.

Joel’s new album Hyenas became a favorite of mine after one listen. I love everything about it and not only do I play it often, but so does my mom. She notoriously steals all of my good indie music, but Joel generously presented her with her own copy, so it shouldn’t happen this time. (Right mom? Right?) Besides the killer tunes, the album itself is gorgeous, and it even comes with a download card and a picture of the band drinking tea sans clothing. What more do you people want?

I can’t wait to see Joel Magid perform with his band in Portland, Oregon on July 16th at Mississippi Studios with Natural Child and The Abigails. Do yourself a favor; buy the album and make sure you get your sweet ass to that show.

Check out Hyenas. It’s good, I promise.
“Trust the bus” ~ Charlene Angln Wright

Chris Franklin and Joel Magid at AudioCinema, headquarters for The Portland Creative.
chris and joel

Joel Magid bus gazing at The Portland Creative.
joel audiocinema

Every copy of Hyenas has it’s own unique design. No two are alike.
hyenas vinyl

Naked Hyenas.
joels magid naked band

Download card.
joel magid hyenas

Joel also gave me a Hyenas poster. I’m a fan for life.
poster love

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