Record of the Day: Shirley Scott Trio – Great Scott!! (1964)

Today’s record of the day is a jazz organ record, but don’t run away. I don’t consider myself a huge jazz fan, but Shirley Scott and her trio’s “Great Scott!!” record, out in 1964 on impulse! is just lovely to listen to.

The tracks where Shirley pairs her expert organ playing with her dreamy vocals are my favorites. Haunting in a good way, her voice wafts over the notes, working their way into your soul to relax your mind and make you feel like everything’s gonna be alright.

Shirley was known as the “Queen of the Organ,” and she played with two husbands before kicking off her own solo career in the 60s. She is well worth a listen, even if you think it doesn’t sound like your kinda thing — Shirley is happy to prove you wrong.


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