Record of the Day: OUTTACONTROLLER – No Echo

It’s been over two years since we’ve had a release from power pop punks OUTTACONTROLLER. That’s too long in my opinion, but it was three years in between “Don’t Play Dumb” and “Television Zombies” so the release of “No Echo” is a welcome start to 2018. If you haven’t heard either of the bands’ earlier records please do yourself a favour and check them out.

Tucked away down in Halifax, Nova Scotia OUTTACONTROLLER play super catchy fuzzed out pop, just the way I like my rock and roll.

No Echo“, is a 4-song EP, so in true OUTTACONTROLLER style it’s only about 9 minutes long in total. But who needs 3 minutes for a song when the magic happens in 2?

We did a meet and greet with them a while ago – you can read it HERE!

Order the vinyl from Spain’s Jarama 45 RPM Recs. HERE!



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Domestic now, but spent early to late 80s playing drums in a hair metal band in Toronto. Since then I've lost the hair and have found new ways to scratch the rock and roll itch.

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