Record of the Day…No Kooks by Babewatch


Forget that “Winter is Coming” business that’s all over TV right now, it’s too dark and depressing. Over in House Paisley Shirt, Summer is Coming and our friends at the San Fran/LA record label have your soundtrack ready!

Babewatch are a four-piece garage surf band out of Oakland, California, by way of Santa Cruz. Their short 6 track album – Guys Hanging Out – is infused with sweet Beach Boys surf melodies, Ramones garage punk and songs about shrooms, babes, surfing, island cats and well, guys hanging out, drinking beer and stuff. It’s out on cassette through Paisley Shirt Records (HERE!).

They’ve played shows with Diarrhea Planet, No Parents, and Tomorrows Tulips but out of that bunch Babewatch seem like the kind of guys you could actually take home to meet your parents. But what do I know, I’m a Dad and I like all those bands, they can all come over!

So get out the patio lounger, fill up the turtle pool, put some brews on ice and pop this cassette into your blaster and you have a perfect summer day.

Babewatch – Facebook

Paisley Shirt Records

Babewatch – Bandcamp

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