Record of the Day…Fly On the Wall by Bummers Eve


Even though Cincinnati, Ohio’s Bummers Eve say they have a deep distaste for life in general, I think they just might brighten your day. Or at least help you get over the hump if you’re workin’ for the weekend. Their new track – Fly On the Wall is fuzzy and fun – like a new puppy, and who doesn’t like puppies?

Sure it’s reverb soaked, surfy, garage punk, and I know there’s practically an ocean of music by that description right now, but who cares if it’s as good as this is! The trio even add a little new wave space warp to their sound to add to the trip.

Bummers Eve sound like they blew in from Santa Cruz on a warm breeze to surf on the Ohio River. But then they ended up spilling beer everywhere.

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