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I first heard of Angie while doing last years, “Bands of Gonerfest 11”. That post also led to a very cool collaboration between Us and Rice is Nice Records. A year has just about passed us by and the music still binds us all together. This is the Second single from the upcoming record Free Agent out Sept 4. Good stuff, give a listen…

from Rice Is Nice Records

Free Agent has been a long time coming. The album came together while Angie was having some solitary time whilst living in Paris. There is an optimism to the songs that Turning definitely lacked, yet there were still a few shackles left to knock off her back.

A further period of research and reflection in Brazil solidified everything into one definitive document.

Recorded and mixed by Owen Penglis in Sydney, the duo have a good rhythm recording together having worked on
Angie’s debut album plus Angie being the Straight Arrows bassist. The understanding and freedom the two share creates
an exciting open playing field for new material.

‘Down For the Count’ in her own words – “This melody just came to me on a bus, I got off and sang it into my phone – the lyrics, everything! My grandfather recently passed away, but he always used to use ‘Down for the Count’ as reference towards going to sleep. There is something unconscious about it. Its about being asleep, but being so wide awake, and really living. The solo at the end has some amazing glam effects courtesy of Mr P.”

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Rice Is Nice Records:

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