Record of the Day -“By The Whey” by The WEAD

the wead

We are going to start off this week with some cool garage rock from The Wead. Anyone who follows me knows that I love the Back From The Grave and Teenage Shutdown Series that bring to light great bands that never got their due , and now one of my favorite record labels, Slovenly brings us this gem from the past.

From Slovenly:
You’d figure that with the recent release of two new volumes of Crypt Records’ Back From The Grave series, and a vast stack of Last of the Garage Punk Unknowns comps finally getting their due, that the well of unheard ’60s garage band recordings finally got sucked clean dry. Enter Tom Shannon of the mighty CHEATER SLICKS who dialed us up last year with a story of a customer he met while on the clock at Columbus, Ohio’s famed Used Kids Records, where he holds down hours and takes all the good stuff. Said customer delivered a perfectly preserved time capsule 7” acetate from his Cleveland juvenile delinquent combo THE WEAD: drummer Mike O’Callaghan allowed Mr. Shannon home recording privileges on proper gear where the resulting files were handed over to Black Gladiator / Slovenly Recordings for release. Much to garage kingpin Tim Warren’s chagrin, we sent him the tracks to apply his Crypt-style audio tweaking and manhandling, and we now present the first ever issue of this lost 1966 teenpunk masterpiece. “By The Whey” is a rabid punker wrought with menacing mod riffage, a twisted break and lead vox that shows the singer sounding like puberty was still miles away. The flip “And I And She” is of equal unhinged quality – a storming raver that would have easily fit on the “Teen Jangler Blowout!” volume of Teenage Shutdown, and it’s as unique as we’ve ever heard. We’re honored and proud as hell to offer this truly unknown two-sider to the world for the first time.

Slovenly Recordings:

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