Record Of The Day ! Soulful Hip Pop Euphony with… STATIC

Who/home: Fresh, hip R&B pop songwriting duo Anthony Taibi and Logan Baker
from Atlanta, Georgia
Track: WON’T BEG – from brand new debut EP ‘About Time‘ (Bandcamp link below)
Score: A damn cool smoky night club contrabass (makes me think of ‘Stand By Me’
by Ben E. King) starts the addictive rhythm of an irresistibly relaxing melody that will
seduce you throughout the song. When hand claps and a smooth synth piano join in
with upbeat vocals floating all over it you just know that you’ll whistle this catchy tune
all day long. Feel free to absorb this mesmerizing brainworm completely while the singer
has an argument with his lover. Soulful hip pop euphony, richly colored by a pair of highly talented white musicians with soulful black voices. It’s a hit as we know it!…

STATIC: Facebook – Twitter


Explore STATIC‘s full-hearted ‘About Time‘ EP here in full…

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