Record of the Day is Somnonaut by OJR

ojrThe urban dictionary defines Somnonaut as one who explores dreams. This song is cool, spacey and lingering, feeling as though you are floating in unconciousness, which I am sure was completely intended by Oliver John-Rodgers as he sings, “Please let me sleep ~ Sleep is a trip for me ~ My mind fills up with smoke and pretty swirling colours ~ I close my eyes tight, and float into slumber ~ I drown in a golden cloud, until Sun King picks me out ~ I fly on an amber rug to lose myself in wonder…” Intertwining his ability to evoke a psychedelic energy and flow to his sound is one of the wonders of OJR’s music.

Crossing a broad range of styles from indie-folk/blues/Americana to grunge/psychedelia/rock n’ roll, OJR blends a variety of familiar influences (Neil Young; T-Rex; Nirvana; Jack White, to name a few) with his own prolific songwriting ability and ear-catching southern vocal style. The result is a soul-scratching, modern homage to a vintage sound that’s completely unique and delivered with tons of swagger.

Check out his website for more music and updates. Follow OJR on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

photo cred: Mika Matin Photography

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