Record Of The Day ! Saxphonic Kicks with GRIS-DE-LIN…

Artist: GRIS-DE-LIN (alias was inspired by French named materials
Gris-De-Lin – Grey Linen – in the warehouse next door to where the artist lives)
Who/home: nautical songstress and multi-instrumentalist from Bridport, Dorset (UK)
Record Of The Day: THE KICK – her second single, officially out on March 7…
Score: here’s a mysterious, highly talented artist who combines weirdness & melodic
brilliance perfectly – The Kick starts with a free jazz sounding saxophone fragment before Gris-De-Lin’s vibrant voice takes over for a joyful, tempo changing, trip and she invites the
sax to accompany her for extra warmth and some charming kicks along the way, in this enthralling and richly arranged symphony – une performance tout à fait fantastique…

It’s strange to say I did not feel
the kick rebound from my upright stage
opponents prospered I could not touch
positioned round they threw themselves

Time… kick
Time… kick

In spite we know this place belonged
to the elements that day
try as we might home had imposed
possession absence failed our breeze

Time… kick
Time… kick

I did not feel the kick, the breeze
the prospered home and absent me
I did not feel the kick, the breeze
the prospered home and absent me

One song – many colors…

GRIS-DE-LIN: Website – Facebook – Twitter


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