Record of the Day…Memoirs of Mr. Bryant by Dead Shed Jokers


I’m not sure what’s in the water in Aberdare, South Wales but as the new video from Dead Shed Jokers demonstrates, even though it looks quaint enough, I don’t think I’d want to venture out in the woods on my own.

Dead Shed Jokers are an interesting mix of a band – combining the immensity of Tool or Queens of the Stone Age with the swaggering punk rock sneer of Eddy Current Suppression Ring. The Welsh rockers are set to release their second full-length in April but they’ve let us in on the first single – Memoirs of Mr. Bryant.

Mr. Bryant rips out of the gate with singer Hywel Davies wasting no time launching the song with a wail before the guitars and drums come crashing in like some sort of amped up, distorted take on Hendrix. This is wicked stuff.

Describing the accompanying video is a little more difficult. Perhaps Withnail and I on a bad trip with Mr. Bryant as Uncle Monty would work?  It also gives new meaning to the term “pistol whipped”. See for yourself.

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