Record of the Day….Guy Clark – Old No. 1

Guy Clark is my favorite Texan. He passed away this year, which is a tragedy, but he left behind a staggering catalog of songs, both written and performed. His first two albums, Old No. 1 and Texas Cookin’ are on frequently at my house. His songs are perfect little stories and love letters; sweet to the ear, they dependably bring a smile to your lips or a tear to your eye. Guy weaves the tales of his life in such a familiar way, listening to him sing is like listening to your granddad tell you the same old stories, the ones that you never get tired of hearing.

The best known song on the album is L.A. Freeway. It’s a great song, but I’ll let you seek that one out on your own. Here are three you might be less familiar with, the upbeat Texas-1947 and Rita Ballou, and a ballad, That Old Time Feeling:






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