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THE MOONLANDINGZ are a rattling psychedelic cocktail mixed by Sheffield’s electronic weirdos The Eccentronic Research Council and Fat White Family‘s genial outlaws, loco frontman Lias Saoudi and labile guitarist Saul Adamczewski. This blasting gang just shared new, second, single BLACK HANZ, also the opener of a freshly canned 4-track EP…

Here’s what the press message tells us: “ A song for our times, born out of abuse, abuse in
the workplace, abuse in the street, abuse by the sniveling toe rags we call a government, abuse for daring to dream and be different. BLACK HANZ is a celebration of the Outsider,
the socially inept, the so-called village weirdo and a curse on the shriveled genitals of those regressive little Englanders that won’t let us move forward, to be ourselves. They can hit us but they won’t beat us, Black Hands – Do it Again, etc..!!! “

They forgot to warn us that this bewildered serpent will dance its way to your bloodstream without asking and faster than you can scream ‘Donald Trump needs brain surgery’. Let’s
party before we’re all doomed…

Their debut album, co-produced with Sean Lennon and mixed by sound wizard
Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips/Tame Impala/MGMT) will be out early next year…

THE MOONLANDINGZ: New EP on iTunes – Facebook

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