Record Of The Day – To The Gates Of Hell With… TOY

‘Dead And Gone’ by TOY

DEAD AND GONE is a far-out overwhelming escapade on the British psych pop rockers’
2012 self-titled debut album with a haunting motorik groove heading – slow but unstoppable – towards a hypnotic whirlwind finale. Like a nasty serpent turning into a supersonic dragon on tons of speed. This dazzling trance like injection kidnaps my hungry mind every single time I hear this brainfucker. A most glorious one way ticket to the gates of hell with TOY

It comes on strong
Waits till I’m gone
Dead and gone
I know it’s wrong
Forced me to stay
Takes me anyway

Visions flicker out along the line
Leaving traces in our restless minds
Don’t let it slide past your open eyes
The doubt inside will disappear in time, in time

Rushing in my head
Rolling in my bed
See you turning too
You’ve nothing more to lose

Breaking free from all you’ve even known
Push away out on your own
Treading water waiting for the tide
Always caught up in between both sides
Again, again, again, again…

It comes on strong
Waits till I’m gone
Now I’m really gone
Dead and gone
Dead and gone

And the great news is: TOY is back. Three years after their second album ‘Join The Dots’ new LP CLEAR SHOT will invade the world on 28 October via Heavenly Recordings.

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