Record Of The Day ! Excorsistic Noise Blast with… BLACKBOXRED

14 january 2016


BAND: BlackboxRed
WHO: Eva van Netten (guitar, vocal & synthesizer) and Stefan Woudstra (drums & vocal).
A charming girl/boy duo turning into fiercely obsessed noisemakers once their instruments take over. I found out about this rousing two-piece only last week when they invaded
Belgium for some gigs. A smashing ‘pleased to meet you‘ revelation. Even two times
in two days. And I want more…

Hellooo, Belgium…

Offstage Eva Netten & Stefan Woudstra are two tranquil, pleasant young people sitting unsuspiciously at a table in the corner having a quiet pre-concert drink. Well, that’s what you see. Beware. Actually, inside, the pair’s demons are warming up, with a nasty grin on their vile visages, for another sonic attempt to escape once and forever. Indeed, the moment the duo steps on the podium they become BlackboxRed. A heavily crushing blues rock steamroller.
A hounded human machine. Eva stares. An atom-splitting GAZE.

P1040633 - kopie
The gaze…

She tortures her guitar and menaces vocally. Meanwhile Stefan becomes
slowly a hammering OCTOPUS hitting his drums mercilessly. RAW POWER.
A stroboscope – the devil’s light – dazzles the spectators. No escape route.

The octopus…

HOME: Leeuwarden, up north in the cold but beautiful part of The Netherlands
WORKS: Full album ‘The Gunner And The Ghost’ (2012) and 2014 EP ‘Beak To Beak’ – all on iTunes – the band is working, between gigs, on a new album in London…
RECORD OF THE DAY: HOLLOW – smoking hot igneous volcano from their excellent 2014 EP ‘Beak to Beak’ translated into an intriguing video. Release the bats…

I understand you want more now of this dark steamy uproar.
Get some BlackboxRed Live Spirit here in this short, steamy film…

BlackboxRed: Website – Facebook – Twitter


(All concert photos by JL)

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