Record Of The Day – COCAINE PISS Will Crush You In… 57 Seconds

From Luik, Belgium. Please welcome… COCAINE PISS

Deranged havoc. Fast and furious. Maniacal clamor. Sludgy hardcore punk. Apocalypse now!
This mental 4-piece explores the sharp edge of insanity and nobody will stop them. I guess it’s much safer to join them than to fight them. Enter their demented madhouse here…

Sex Weirdos is on their deafening debut album THE DANCER produced by noise expert Steve Albini. Fourteen explosions in twenty-one minutes. Yes, average length per track
is 90 seconds and no, they don’t do ballads. Get ready for a close encounter of the worst psychiatric kind. Fasten your seatbelt. Here’s COCAINE PISS in full…

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