Record of the Day: Betty by Pom Poms

Are you ever completely blindsided by a song that came out six months ago and you somehow totally missed it, but now you’re obsessed with it and are mad that you missed that six extra months that you could have been playing the song on repeat? This happened to me recently with “Betty” by Pom Poms. Released in October alongside a slowed down alternate version, “Betty” is a sexy, stripped- down reboot of the fuzzed out garage rock we’ve seen from L.A. in the last few years. Pom Poms are comprised of vocalist and songwriter Marlene, and Grammy-nominated producer, songwriter and instrumentalist Billy Mohler. To date, Pom Poms have released only four singles, but have a taste of Pom Poms with “Betty” and I assure you, you’ll be as hungry for more as I am.


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Joe Strummer made me do it.

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