Record of the Day…Here Is Barbara Lynn

As a young newlywed, Barbara Lynn returned home one day to find out her husband had been cheating on her with a friend. She went back to her parents’ home in Beaumont, Texas, picked up her guitar, and wrote the song that brought her fame and solidified her career as a musician. It’s a story she tells at her shows to this day, playing her guitar in such a smooth and effortless way, you can tell she’s picked it up most every day of her 70+ years on Earth.

Being a Black, female, left-handed guitarist in the 60s brought her attention, but her immense talent and positive attitude have kept her going, as she still performs beautifully, 50 years later. Catch a show if you can–she’s fantastic.

Barbara Lynn’s most known album, Here Is Barbara Lynn, was originally issued in 1968 and rereleased a couple of years back, making it relatively easy to find. Here are some highlights:


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