Record of the Day….Alabama At Night by Robbie Fulks


I’ll be honest – I was initially late to the Robbie Fulks party. Well, kind of.

The singer/songwriter has been kicking around playing alt-country (whatever that is) roots rock since about 1983, but I missed his early Bloodshot Records days (1996/97) at the time. I didn’t discover the power of his music until his (short-lived) major label debut – Let’s Kill Saturday Night in 1998.

Now here we are and Robbie Fulks will release his ninth album Upland Stories on April 1st on Bloodshot Records. The album is his first since the critically acclaimed Gone Away Backward in 2013.

Alabama At Night the first single – is a gorgeous ode to the dustbowl era in a state that was one of the hardest hit during the Great Depression. Like all the great troubadours, Fulks is an expert at weaving literary prowess with songcraft to create music that will endure.

Pre-order Upland Stories Here

Robbie Fulks – Website


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