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Reading these answers, makes me laugh, I love when Bands have fun with these questions. The Electric Mess , that is the band we are featuring today and this Band is the kind of tunes I grew up on. It’s Nuggets , and a whole lot from the Garage, with some Mod sounds, catchy and without a doubt songs you can either sing along to or play a wicked air guitar, your pick. I particularly like The Animals vibe going on. The Band sounds like they know what this is all about, good stuff, fun, rock ‘n’ roll the way it was meant to be . Great beats, love it all, what FUN!!
A great way to start your weekend to, guaranteed to get you moving….

Meet The Band

Hi our name is….

The Electric Mess

And our sound might be best described as….

A freight train about to go off the rails.

We are….

Esther Crow – vocals, percussion
Oweinama Biu – keyboards, vocals, percussion
Dan Crow – guitar
Derek Davidson – bass
Craig Rogers – drums, percission

We are originally from…..

New York City, and still are

Who are some that have an influence on your sound??

The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Electric Prunes, Back From the Grave comps, Nuggets artists, Led Zeppelin, Yardbirds, Jimi Hendrix, Van Halen

The first time we met was…..

In April 2007, in a dank basement studio space in the Wall Street area.

We knew we were going to be a Band when………

Esther found a mop top wig in her closet and knew she wanted to front a 60’s cover band in drag.

Before starting the band we were employed as…….

Same as we are now! You think this pays the bills?

Our craziest gig ever was….

In a Detroit suburb where we were menaced by three very drunk punks whose undiscovered calling was to be on Broadway. They were very talented chair dancers who almost hit us in the head with them! There is some amusing proof of this on youtube clip “The Electric Mess Live in Berkely, MI”

The first song we wrote was…….

“She’s My Bike” which made it into a few live sets, but was never recorded, and we don’t care to mention it again after this interview!

It’s about……

It’s called “She My Bike,” we’ll leave it up to the reader to find some meaning in it…. take your head out of the gutter!

What tunes are you currently jamming to…
Dead Meadow, The Living Kills, Harsh Toke, White Fence, Frowning Clouds, The Smoggers, early Grateful Dead

What are some of the 1st songs you remember listening to that made you say, that’s what I want to do:

“Good Times, Bad Times” by Led Zeppelin (anything by Led Zeppelin), “Spirit of Radio,” by Rush, seeing The Who perform “Won’t Get Fooled Again” in “The Kids Are Alright” film.

When you’re touring and have some time off , where could we find you…..

Face down in our complimentary cheese Danish at a La Quinta Inn. Either that or a record store (very cliché, yes). And also trying to sample whatever local delicacy the city is known for.

The one thing we want you to remember while you’re listening to us…..

It’s only rock ‘n’ roll, but I like it!

Listen To Some Music……

and you can follow The Electric Mess….

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