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the improables

Here we go again , back to the garage with some kickin ,killer, sick , groovy tunes from, The Improbables. If they haven’t been played yet on Little Stevens’ Underground Garage I would be surprised. Once again this interview has been thanks to the good people at Hidden Volume Records. They will have a release with Hidden Volume due out early September of this year. We will keep you posted on the release date. So get ready for some genuine rock n roll straight from the heart of the garage with a little punk r ‘n’ b edge. Great stuff all around!!

Meet The Band

Hi our name is….

The Improbables. But we won’t be offended you if you call us The Imps.

And our sound might be best described as….

Dave: We once got written up as “hard garage.” I guess that’s accurate
Jeremy: Loud
Kevin: Fuzzy

We are..

Dave, Jeremy, Kevin

We are originally from…..

Nowheresville (aka the bowels of..) New Jersey.

The first time we met was…..

In college.

We knew we were going to be a Band when………

Dave: Um, when we met at band practice. I met Kevin through another guy
who wanted to put a band together. Our first practice was a blast. Kevin and
I hit it off, and the band persisted. We eventually booted that other fella
out, found another drummer, then another, and another. We knew Jeremy back
then, but he was busy with another band. He joined us this year and things
have never been better.

Jeremy: When the old drummer quit and they were screwed.

Before starting the band we were employed as…….

Dave: Burger flipper/fry dunker, pizza maker, and book store clerk
Kevin: Amusement ride operator
Jeremy: Servants

Our craziest gig ever was….

Pre Jeremy, probably the one at McGuire’s Erin Bar in Atlantic City (where
we practically had a residency) when a pregnant crackhead danced until her
wig fell off. I believe our then bass player was involved in a street fight
that night as well. Must have been a full moon. Good times. More recently,
with Jeremy, gotta be that pizza parlour in Baltimore with the Stents. We
inspired a similar dancer that night.

The first song we wrote was…….

The first ever Improbables song, long before Jeremy, before we were even
calling ourselves The Improbables, was either a tune Kevin concocted called
” Marcel Duchamp,” or a tune of Dave’s called “Cybele.”

The earliest Imps tune that we actually still play would be “Say Girl, You
Gotta Calm Down”

The first song the band in it’s present lineup wrote together would be
“Crawl With Me.”

It’s about……

Well, “Marcel Duchamp” is about Marcel Duchamp, I think. “Cybele” is about
the myth of Cybele and Attis, and/or castration anxiety. “Say Girl,…” is
about the challenges of dealing with the fairer sex. “Crawl With Me” is
about love.

What we are currently listening to….

Dave: Reigning Sound may very well be the best thing happening in the
cosmos right now. Solid, perfect rock n roll, measured and mature without
compromising energy, emotion, or expression at all. They’re just sooo good!
That being said, that’s not all we or I listen too. I mean, in terms of
genre, I’m not just listening to stuff that fits under the “garage rock”
blanket. Nor is that all that influences and inspires The Imps.

Kevin: The Everly Brothers’ ³Two Yanks in England², Kaleidoscope, the

Jeremy: LPs

A few albums we could never part with….

Jeremy: – the usual byrds, beatles, stones, kinks, who, creation, animals,
them, seeds etc. with a side of the usual ramones, devo, voidoids, big star,
clash, damned, x, wire, gang of four, headcoats, clean, superchunk etc.
newer favorites include the oblivians, sadies, oh sees, spacin, lantern,
eddy current, broncho, connections, fresh & onlys, hunters, intelligence,
BBQ show, softpack, obits and telekinesis. other faves include old soul
comps, hawaiian records and anything on Blue Note, Prestige or Pacific.

Dave: Hmmm. Where to start?
I’m never very comfortable being too far away from an Only Ones record, and
I certainly wouldn’t consider parting with one. I’m also rather fond of my
Bevis Frond collection, though I don’t have them all (there’s so many!)

Kevin: I’m not sure, but on a somewhat related note, Dave doesn’t like
“Odessey and Oracle”. I know, right?

For fun we like to…..

Jeremy: drink beer, play records, argue
Dave: I enjoy engaging in doomed romances, getting hurt, and then writing
bitter songs about it. I also like to eat pizza.
Kevin: Listen to fuzz pedal demos on the internet

The one thing we want you to remember while you’re listening to us……

Dave: That life is worth living, mainly because you have the opportunity to
listen to us.
Jeremy: – is that we are old and are doing our best.
Kevin: Plagiarism is an inherent and essential component of all good

Jeremy and Dave: Very little (and you’ll hopefully be pleasantly surprised)
Kevin: The purchasing of more fuzz pedals

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