Psychedelic Garage Rock Volcanoes ! Meet… The Gorlons !


They love the mindblowing part of the 60s. They love explosive riffs, fuzzed tones, frenzied organs and noisy garage rock. They have a stirring debut album out.
Meet The Gorlons…

Who’s who?
Ross Murphy: “We have five members. Seth Goodwin on keys, Geoff Green on bass, Kenneth Wagoner on drums, my twin brother Conner Murphy on lead guitar and me on the other guitar and vocals.”

When and where were The Gorlons conceived?
Ross: “Originally the idea was conceived after Conner and I graduated high school and moved out to this piece of land our family owns in rural Southern Missouri. Some heavy stuff was happening at the time so we went out there to figure things out and discovered that playing music was a great way to pass the time while we learned how to not do laundry and cook for ourselves. Then I moved to Springfield, Missouri for school and met Seth and Geoff. They were playing a house show with their other band Kudzu and I decided to introduce myself and to try to start a band with them. Luckily they’re both very nice, sweet dudes and agreed to start jamming around and play music even though they didn’t know us and while we figured out how to write music. We had a few lineup changes. Our drummer Kenneth we’ve known since we were seven and was with us a lot when we were out in the woods so he’s an OG Gorlon. We’ve been an actual band for almost two years now. I don’t count the first eight months.”

Where do you eat, sleep and live?
Ross: “Right now Conner and I live in Kansas City. The other guys are a couple hours south in Springfield. We drive down every Saturday for practice. We just wanted a different scene so we moved up North. Springfield is an amazing little city and I miss it even though I’m still there all the time to play shows and get drunk.“


Springfield rocks…

What’s the story behind the band’s name?
Ross: “My brother and I were coming up with different realms for Lord of the Rings one night when we were teenagers. I remember saying “Gorlon”. We thought it was the funniest word ever. So we started saying that word everywhere all the time. It never got old to us, so when we were out in the woods that’s when we decided to name what we were doing as just ‘Gorlon’. Then after I moved to Springfield my friend Josh Nipstad suggested adding the ‘The’ and making it ‘Gorlons’, so that’s when The Gorlons were technically born. I think I made the facebook page the next day. It fits. And we all love The Gories (awesome Detroit garage rock trio) even though I didn’t know who they were until after.”


Inspirational lords…

The band is still unsigned ! Can’t you decide what major you want to sign with or are you hiding from them?
Ross: “Haha, we might be unintentionally hiding? Originally when we went to record the first album we had a Memphis label wanting to release/record us that are good friends of ours. We ended up recording there but things didn’t work out timeline wise so we decided to self-release the album just to get it out there a lot sooner. Trying to find a label has been difficult I guess. Not that it really matters anymore because of the internet, but having someone behind you definitely helps. It seems the people we’de like to work with don’t pay attention to Missouri bands very often. But most the bands we’re friends of are ‘signed’ somewhere. So hopefully someone sign us. What we trying to do right now is getting things re-released on vinyl.“


Alive and ready to sign…

There is a worldwide 60s influenced neo-psychedelic scene out there. Do you feel part of it?
Ross: “In some very small way, at least I think so, not speaking for the other 4 guys. Maybe one day thirty years from now we’ll be on some obscure Nuggets box set and someone will wonder if we’re dead or decided to become accountants or something. Cool for me.”

The album’s sleeve is pure psychedelica. I see women faces. What’s going on in there?
Ross: “It looks like a psychedelic Alice in Wonderland twirling into time space while listening to a Walkman to me. That’s pretty much all to do with the artist Josh Breeden. He’s really damn good. His moniker for his work is St. Francis Elevator Ride. He’s a Memphis guy and we got connected with him through our friends in the band Tiger High that we recorded with. I gave him my initial thoughts about what we were wanting and what the record was about, which pretty much has to do with the power of the sun (sun gazing to be specific) and a girl I was infatuated with. He sent everything within three days completely done. We were all at practice when he texted me the art and we were very excited. I think we started dancing.“


Alice In Wonderland…

The social media. A blessing or a pain in the ass for artists?
Ross: “It’s definitely a blessing. You can connect with anyone anywhere around the world. But I also get bored with it. It’s not really a pain for us. We’re not as busy as a lot of bands so we don’t need to continually post about ourselves. We just get bored and post funny things usually. We just got Twitter, that’s been fun.”

The Gorlons Planet on Twitter

If you could go back in musical history, who would you like to meet?

Ross: “Dead wise, probably Mozart. I just watched Amadeus again. A lot of the people I’de like to meet are still alive. I guess I’de like to meet the younger versions of them, when they were my age (25). Just to see if we would get along or if we thought each other were douchebags.“


Definitely not a douchebag…

MC5 or The Sonics?
Ross: “We’re a five-piece its gotta be MC5 ! They had a power about them and seemed to not give a fuck. They looked really cool too. The Sonics had great songs though. I remember discovering them on Myspace like eight years ago right when they made their page. But it’s MC5 all the way.“


Smile, The Gorlons love you…

What Christmas song would the band like to cover?

Ross: “Let It Snow by Boyz 2 Men.”

Best album of 2014?
Seth: Typical System by Total Control
Geoff: Salad Days by Marc Demarco
Ross: …And Star Power by Foxygen
Conner: Lost In The Dream by The War On Drugs
Kenneth: Korn by Korn

Best track of 2014?
Ross: “That’s tough. Basically impossible. But I can’t get enough of Way To Be Loved by TOPS.”


Top track…

Hero of the year?
Ross: “Street Fighter.”

Prick of the year?
Seth: “Ross.”
Geoff: “Ross.”
Conner: “Ross.”
Kenneth: “Korn.”


Ross: “Seth, Geoff & Connor… you’re all fired !”

What can we expect from The Gorlons in 2015?
Ross: “Hopefully a lot. We’re recording a few new songs in January for a split 7” with the Australian band White Lodge. We met them via the Internet, we’re like minded and dig what each other are doing. We’re going to be writing a lot, keeping it chill show wise, and then hopefully around summer time we’ll have a new album ready. Either way, it should be a good year.“

Many thanks to Ross for being our guide ! See/hear you all next year !

Here’s the debut album in full…
The Gorlons – Bandcamp

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