PREMIERE: Sabbatical Year’s newest track “Stay”

Sabbatical Year

Sabbatical YearListen up 50thirdand3rd, we are premiering a new track “Stay” from the upcoming EP, SYre, with Sabbatical Year. “Stay” has this perfect mix of piano driven sounds and melodies. Mellowing out the listener with deep vocals yet there is a motivational spirit. Sabbatical Year is a rock band out of Atlanta, members Nick Margiasso singing lead, Drew Norris who plays piano, Devon Norris on drums and Tom Smith playing bass. All who have been playing for a long time and all do their part of the songwriting. SYre will be the follow-up to the bands sophomore album SY2, released in 2015.
Nick Margiasso who co-wrote and sings lead vocals says, “As with all the songs on this EP, they’ve had two lives sort of. Initially, “Stay” began as “Stay Anyway”, the lead track off our debut release. From the start, the song was about kind of wandering through life, looking for that special something in whatever place you were in so that you could make whatever you were going through worthwhile…to give your present situation meaning. Over the years, live, it morphed into a very breezy, chilled out and loose song technically as it was from the initial writing idea. With this electronic, synth-based spin on the new version of the track, it really takes on that very initial meaning, using the advances of current studio sounds to ask those same questions in an ever-changing modern world. And it was just plain fun to put together and rebirth into the world.”

Sabbatical Year

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