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2017 has seen a flurry of activity for Lori Lindsay. She’s a relatively new mother whose daughter is about to celebrate her 2nd birthday. When she was interviewed by Travis Ramin for Heatwave Magazine in the Spring of 2016, she basically put the kibosh on any future musical endeavors. Meanwhile, the Girlsville imprint has been feverishly releasing collections of her previous bands, cult favorites The Prissteens and Purple Wizard.

Last February we saw an anthology release of Lindsay’s mid 2000’s band Purple Wizard entitled Cream of the Crop. (Pictured left in a review from Disappearing Media). For fans of Detroit Cobras and Stax Records, Purple Wizard were fanzine favorites who were as good as it got during the garage rock explosion of the early-to-mid aughts. In October, The Prissteens are due for a second installment of unreleased gems, aptly titled Demos & Rarities Volume 2. We have a web premiere from that release, a demo version of a song that found it’s way onto the Richard Gottehrer-produced 1998 debut, Scandal, Controversy, and Romance. It’s called “I Don’t Cry”, and it’s The Prissteens at their Ramones-loving best. The Prissteens always did seem like a band that Joey Ramone willed into existence. They were often seen through his adoring gaze. When he wasn’t singing their praises on 90’s Mtv, He was casually placing them on bills with Ronnie Spector, and getting them to do live covers of “Soldier Boy” and “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”. Sometimes with Joey fronting the band.

I got a chance to play a little catch-up with Lori, it turns out she’s not done singing and performing, she’s been busy with a synth pop project she fronts called The Myrmidons, who dropped an ace new single this month. So without further ado, let’s catch up with Lori with a little Q & A, and while we’re at it you can check out the premiere of The Prissteens ‘I Don’t Cry’. Recorded in June 1997, ‘I Don’t Cry’ is set to appear on The Prissteens Demos & Rarities Volume 2. Out October 14th on Girlsville, and available for pre-order here.


50thirdand3rd: Hey Lori how are things? Are you loving the Mom life? It seems to really suit you! Dusty is a beautiful little peach!

Lori Lindsay (LL): Thank-you. I’m doing really well. I’m really digging being a mom and I’m super lucky becasue my Dusty is such a cool little kid. She’s almost two now, so we’re looking forward to celebrating her birthday.

50thirdand3rd: So you and Ted and Lauren from Book of Love have a band called The Myrmidons, and you just released your latest single, a cover of a Siouxsie & The Banshees tune. I’m so happy to hear you making music again. Can you tell us a little bit about how you guys decided to tackle that tune, and what recording with Ted and Lauren is like? Also did you ever have a goth phase?

LL: Ha, no thankfully I never had a goth phase. I’ve never actually really had any ‘phases’ in my life, just kind of rolled along in more or less the same way – part punk rock, part rock and roll, part red neck, and part sophisticated city girl. As for this song, I really just wait until Ted calls me and tells me he has a song ready for me to sing. I have to be honest in that I really don’t have any say in the material. It’s just fun to be a part of it and get to sing some songs every once in a while.

50thirdand3rd: Myrmidons have a rare live performance coming up in a few days, have you ever performed together live? I always considered Myrmidons kind of a studio or recording project. I’m very jealous of anyone who is going to see you perform live.

LL: No, we’ve never performed live, or in the same room for that matter. We are just going to do a few songs, it’s really not a big deal. And you are right in thinking of Myrmidons as a studio project. It was never really intended for live performances, but things have changed a lot since we started doing it and now there’s a lot more room for these kinds of ‘groups’ to perform without the pressure of a live band.

50thirdand3rd: So the last couple years have seen some unearthing of some Prissteens and Purple Wizard recordings and I notice a lot of memorializing Prissteens on social media. Girlsville is set to release Demos & Rarities Volume 2 in October, and released a Purple Wizard anthology last February. The first volume of Prissteens Demos & Rarities wound up on some year-end top 10’s last year as well. Is it fun or satisfying to see that kind of thing? Is it nice that people are looking back and saying “hey this band mattered”

LL: That’s definitely a nice thing, to have people think we mattered as a band, sure. The best thing for me recently has been to see tons of photos from those days posted on Instagram by our A&R guy Howard Thompson. I feel badly for his sake that we weren’t more successful. But it was cool and fun while it lasted, and it’s nice to have Girlsville putting things out after all this time.

50thirdand3rd: Do you have any plans to get back into the studio with Myrmidons?

LL: I hope so. Ted has been energised by our new single, so hopefully that means he’ll get something else ready for me to sing soon!

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