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Half-way through the week is a great time for some power pop inspired from Bands that we all love. Powerpop is fun and it’s about having fun now, so turn this up and have a blast…..

our name is….

our sound is……

We are…..
Ian Maxwell : vocals
Thorsten Fiedler : guitar
Laurent Erre : bass
Andreas Plappert : drums

We are from…....
We’re based in Cologne (Germany) but we’re an international band with a British singer, German guitarist, French bassist and Austrian drummer.

Who are some that have an influence on you
The Kinks, T-Rex, Slade, The Raspberries, Big Star, Kiss, Teenage Fanclub, Cheap Trick, The Posies, Jellyfish, Supergrass, Sloan, etc.

How old were all of you when you started to play and who plays what in the band
Ian: I was 18 years old when I joined my first band, The Bouffons.
Laurent: I first started to play electric guitar when I was 16 years old with a teenage punk rock band: Nitro Bibine.
Thorsten: 17 years old. Risikofactor was the name of the band.
Andreas: I was 16 years old. The band was called Killing Floor.

Can you tell us about the process you use, from writing the songs all the way through getting the songs out
Ian: I write all the songs on an old battered up acoustic guitar with one string! I then record rough demos of the songs on a Tascam PCM Recorder App on my mobile phone and dropbox them for the other guys to listen to. The songs are then worked on in the practice room, tightened up and knocked into shape ready for actual studio recording. When we’ve about 18-20 new songs written, we choose the strongest 15 and take these then to the studio.

What are some of the challenges you face as musicians and how have you overcome those challenges
The biggest challenge has always been carrying on after so many line-up changes. The band has been together for fifteen years and in that time we’ve replaced 3 drummers, 4 bassists and 2 guitarists.To overcome such setbacks you have to really believe in the band and the music you are making. This is the motivation to keep going!

1st concert you went to and age….
Ian: Sweet Savage (N.W.O.B.H.M band ) in 1981… 14 years old.
Laurent: First ticket I bought was for The Cure in 1985 (Paris), 16 years old.
Andreas: Killing joke! 1986, 17 years old.
Thorsten: Spermbirds in 1987, in Werl.

Coolest band t-shirt you ever bought...
Andreas: The Mission!
Laurent: Blackfire (Navajo punk rock): United States of Indian Genocide.
Thorsten: Rocket from the Crypt!

Some albums that you listen to the most….
Ian: The Posies: Frosting On The Beater
Jellyfish: Spilt Milk
Aerosmith: Rocks
Kiss: Dressed To Kill
UFO: Lights Out
Sloan: Navy Blues
Superdrag: In The Valley Of Dying Stars
Big Star: Nr. 1 Record
Cheap Trick: Cheap Trick
The Vandalias: Buzzbomb
You Am I: Hourly Daily

If you could open for any Band right now who would that be …
Ian: Imperial State Electric!

My youngest son is 13 and in a Band, what advice would you offer him…
Ian: Stay true to yourself, believe in what you do, don’t sell out and never give up!
Laurent: Never trust your manager. Don’t ever touch my guitars! Have you done your homework?

Your thoughts on the state of music in 2015…..
Ian: I think it`s in really good shape because there are really some great albums coming out from both new and established acts. This year there have been fantastic albums from Imperial State Electric, Dead Lord, Hard Action, Deadheads, Black Trip, Death Alley, The Casanovas, Travelin Jack and Slayer to name but a few!

Our plans for the rest of 2015/2016….
Ian: For the rest of 2015 we’ll be busy rehearsing songs for our fourth album which we hope to record in April/May next year. The album should then hit the shelves around September 2016.
Laurent: New album is the next big target. I wish we could deal it with a new label too. Actually we’re looking for a booking agency…


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