My Most Played Albums of 2016 , Category: The Kids Are Alright

This is my second category for my most played albums of the year. I call this category “The Kids Are Alright” To set the record straight I define kids as being anywhere from 15 to 35. And maybe there might be a few on this list who may be outside of those parameters , I’m not going to do research on this, it’s just rock ‘n’ roll and it’s all about fun. Instead of going on about each album or artist , I’ll put up one song on this playlist from each for you to listen to. This category is important to me , because these are the kids that are taking rock n roll to the future , they are the driving force for a new generation and whenever I come across kids who like any of these bands my faith in the youth of America is restored just a little bit more. 2016 has been a truly fantastic year for new music, I can not possibly include every band that I think is putting out great stuff, the playlist would be 3 hours long . With that being said, this is not my list of best new artist , it’s not my list to proclaim that I’m a critic and these are the only bands you need to listen to. It is a list of some of my favorite new bands of the last few years and songs I think are kick ass representations of those bands. and hopefully you can use the playlist as a starting point to discover even more. This playlist does not include garagerock, or surf that’s all going to be in the next installment of my most played albums of 2016.

The List:
Parquet Courts, The Death Valley Girls, The Coathangers, Bloodshot Bill & Shannon Shaw, Beach Slang, Bleached, The Gooch Palms, The Growlers, The Lemon Twigs, Natural Child, Savoy Motel, Abjects, Colleen Green, Ming City Rockers, Nots, So Cow, Oh Boland, Flesh Panthers, Hinds, Dearly Beloved , The Britanys, Bonehead, Seafang and Archie and The Bunkers

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