Pineapples From the Dawn of Time – Too Much Acid

The Pineapples From the Dawn of Time classic, ‘Shocker’.

Cancel that vacation to the old folks home, get out to the place where the freaks all roam, because the Pineapples From the Dawn of Time are about to get freaky. The band that brought us way out tracks like ‘The Flea That Ate My Stash’ ‘Freaky Acid Planet’ and ‘Doin’ Some Time (Charlie’s Creeping Up On You) now bring us the garage stoner freak deadbeat jam ‘Too Much Acid’. Well, the song’s thirty-years-old but hey, in Pineapples’ world that’s a mere five-minutes!

Forming in 1985 in Brisbane, Australia, the Pineapples embodied more of a collective commune than a rock band, seeping members in-and-out in-and-out on a semi-regular basis. And that’s groovy. 1987 was the year of the Pineapples though, a year that saw them fry our brains with their debut -and only- full length album, Shocker‘. This saw the band gain notoriety throughout the nation and in their home state of conservative Queensland where they became the subject of many a church group and concerned parent discussion. The agenda was to have the album banned, but the infamous Rocking Horse Records store in inner-city Brisbane -well-known for refusing to remove Dead Kennedy’s ‘Too Drunk To Fuck’ from the shelves thus landing the small indy store in a world of hurt- made sure that the shelves remained stocked with Pineapples bliss.

By 1988, the Pineapples From the Dawn of Time had split, going their seperate ways and all but faded into obscurity bar a few dusty tape decks belonging to easily-influenced acid fried young adults. But rejoice came in thy name of reunion, and in 2000 the band once again formed, all be it with a very different line up and often under the name the Pensioners From the Dawn of Time.

To this day, the collective remain together, playing sporadic shows and thrilling ageing drug addicts with their whimsical tuneage. Featuring ex-members of other legendary Aussie bands such as The Leftovers, The Riptides and The Plug Uglies, the Pineapples remain sharp witted and musically sound, despite the obvious mind-demolition of the acid eighties.

I urge you to enjoy ‘Too Much Acid’ with caution.

All hail the Pineapples!


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