PAWS… No Grace Video

This band needs to be on every radar you have for completely kicking ass in the rocking out department. Paws gives us album number three with No Grace, a pure kick to the teeth, never surrendering, never giving in, fight to the death sort of rant that makes you want to run out and accomplish some shit. It’s like if R.E.M. and Blink 182 had a baby and that baby enjoyed ice cream coke floats, am I right? No Grace is available via Fat Cat Records for pre-order here. PAWS are Phillip Taylor, Josh Swinney and John Bonnar.

From PAWS website…
“It’s the song you sing when you get kicked in the teeth; the decision
you make to get back on your feet and rattle off another punch; it’s
the humility of defeat and the ecstasy of triumph because you never
gave up.

But more than anything, it’s the sound of the pure fucking energy and
joy that comes from making something with your whole heart.”

Directed | Edited | Cut by Phillip Taylor

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