Our true romance

That day of the year is almost upon us. That one where lovers walk the streets and show off their love, as though nobody has ever experienced heart rendering happiness before; it’s the day that everyone needs to remind themselves that they are in love.

The only romance I need in my life is True Romance.

The first time I watched this film was at University with SG. He has the biggest film collection I have ever seen. You’d expect this for a graduate who took film modules as a student but even before then he hungered for the cinema. I would lounge in his bedroom at Lorne Road during a Sunday comedown and I would take it upon myself to re-arrange and catalogue his stacks of films. From Herzog, Tarantino, Kurosawa and those Coen guys, SG really prided himself on his collection and even today he still does, only now he has my Cornerhouse cinema to put up with as well. Films for him are records for me. I sat and filed through his films and asked SG to pick out films we should watch, the ones he thought I would like. This was during our 3rd or 4th year or so of going out. I was surprised there were so many of his films which we hadn’t seen, and I only put him on the spot to choose one for me because every so often he would and the film would become a new favourite. Whenever he did this I would moan at him for not suggesting that film sooner.

When he recommended True Romance I was apprehensive but that day he must have known it was the right moment because it’s the film out of them all that has stayed with me the longest. I fell in love with Clarence and Alabama, their relationship encapsulated the whirlwind and naivety that for a long time I had criticised in my mind. When their relationship blossomed in front of me, where it was fuelled by the simple Xylophonic steel drum theme that I had heard so many times elsewhere – then though I didn’t know what it was. Now, I knew that I had found something beautiful.

You’re so cool. It speaks for both Clarence and Alabama. It’s as though they’re playing it for each other because they’re so happy to have found each other. When I hear it I think of simplicity and how uncomplicated our lives need to be, and even with their complications they manage to overcome them each time because of having someone. As long as you have someone it doesn’t matter about any trouble that surrounds you. You’re so cool sounds like you’re actually on safari, until you close your eyes and realise that in the moment of the music you could be anywhere you wanted to be because it emanates happiness. When Hans Zimmer orchestrates the string section with ease I feel as though I, myself, am being conducted into the music and each section of the track is lifting me further. I can close my eyes and feel the rainbow of sounds around me.

Sometimes I wonder about my romantic affair with the film. Is it Tony Scott’s directing? Is it in fact the relationship of Clarence and Alabama that I so desperately want to imitate? Or is it purely the music? Surely, when we open our minds to cinema we are only really seeking our true romance in our life, which we already know is music.

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