There Are Others? Morningface VS. Firefriend

There are Others?
Morningface VS. Firefriend

The following is a conversation I had with Yury Hermuche of Firefriend following the release of their new vinyl Black Hole on Little Cloud Records  in the U.S. and Fuzz Club in the EU, and before their Summer 2017 U.S. West Coast tour – but this is not an interview; this is a stream of conciousness with thoughts, sights and sounds.

Catch if you can Firefriend in the U.S. on
Portland 8/19 Psych Fest
Seattle 8/20 lo-fi
San Francisco 8/22 x
Los Angeles 8/23 harvard and stone
Joshua Tree 8/25+26 earth arrow
Long Beach 8/27 4th St Vine

Kate: “The world is a projection of your mind. Good mind, good world. Bad mind, bad world. No mind, no world” — Swami Parthasarathy

That’s the sort of things we keep talking to our friends
There is a way out

Kate: What do you mean Yury?

Yury: Maybe the way we see things and facts are the way we put ourselves on scale, the bigger we see our problems, more power we give to them. We need to see the world through other prisms. 

Reality is nothing like they keep telling us it is.

collage by Ero Gray

Kate: “the way we put ourselves on scale”
I really like that
I agree
the way we are
our essence when we are born
is true

Yury: and all we can do with that

Kate: but in navigating the world, i.e. surviving we lose ourselves
in the unreal,
i.e. society

Yury: YES

Kate: So tap back into the subconscious, to know again what we forgot

Yury: Yes that’s one of the most important and at the same time hard action to do today
because there’s so much noise.
I’m really worried about how the screens are taking control of people everywhere
their minds.

Kate: Ah,
Eckhart Tolle says human beings are mentally ill, because when we evolved the ability to think,
we became unable to escape our thoughts..
Maybe not evolved, developed

Yury: I get it

Kate: So our world view is also constricted by the limitation of our mind
but I do not think all people are evolved to the same level –
some will remain closed

Yury: Agreed,

Kate: I am not too worried about the future of
human kind; because our essence,
the universal cosmic consciousness, whatever IT is-
is eternal
before and after us

Yury: Yeah and that’s all we have, and the best part of whom we are. But I wish I could feel the same about the future
I’m not in the best mood these days
There are so many strange trends going on

Kate: well it’s interesting because the concept that there is a future is a concept as well

Yury: Yes!

Kate: That we look towards something –
as if anything could be better than now.
The past is a story we make our judgements with
but there is bad energy afoot –
as has always been.
But it is also a judgement call of what is good and bad.

Yury: True!

Kate: It’s more entropy
I feel sad too about the future.
I’m not having kids,
but I feel for those who will live in it.
To think all our ancestors,
and to this end.
But then again its not really an end.

Yury: I hope so
I mean, we went to the moon, we know how to split the atom, we can measure the distance of stars –
there might be something we could do to change the way we are going.

Kate- This is what keeps my faith
in humanity
we created fire
we have the power to create
you can never tell

Yury: Yes that’s it

Kate: Unfortunately our economic system has made it impossible for people to live.

Yury: Definitely

Kate: So this human made system is destroying us,
and lots of people can benefit in the here and now.
So that’s where it’s going,
What do you think?

Yury: Yes I agree — and they keep drinking blood and wine while the ship is sinking.

Kate: What’s the best you can do?

Because I know the best I can do.

Yury: I think our lives are too short and the world is too beautiful to accept that the system can control our daily life.

Kate: This is a mantra “I think our lives are too short and the world is too beautiful to accept that the system can control our daily life”.

Yury: We can fill the emptiness with art, we need to do that to empower people, making less room for the system and its advertising machine.
Travel a lot! Talk to strangers

Kate: This is your mission “We can fill the emptiness with art, we need to do that to empower people, making less room for the system and its advertising machine”,
so, you seem sorted: you have a mantra, a mission.
The best part is we can transmute these energies into music. 

Yury: It’s light and warm

Kate: This is a cool conversation


Yury: Designed to reach distances, inside and outside the mind.

Kate: There is a universal thread that connected us.

Yury: Yeah I can feel that.

Kate: I think the kind of music we are making..
well obviously

Yury: Yes and we are not alone

Kate: There are others?

Yury: Spread around the world


Kate: It’s not just any type of music –
I think the type of music we make is putting our brains
into a meditative state
and also expanding them
beyond normal repetition

Yury: Yes

Kate: Listening to your record for example
seeing where it goes..

Yury: what are we looking for?

Kate: .. I can feel my mind opening up 

Yury: Thank you Kate

Kate: It’s not only personal, you are tapping into something –
I think about this a lot.

Yury: It’s like making questions, or crossing unknown territories, I guess.There’s so much energy in music it’s beyond words. Sometimes I feel it deals with the wild/blind/hungry part of our souls

Kate: The sub soul?
it is beyond words

Yury: Something buried way down in our mind

Kate: That’s why I like it  so much as a medium

If you are an other let us know @firefriend @broadcastjones


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