Nuggets Night Was Outta Sight!

Since 2007, Nuggets Night has boasted two nights of garage rock royalty along with the hottest local mod and garage punk bands around with the proceeds benefiting a different music related cause or charity. Last year’s headliners were garage legends Flamin’ Groovies and The Kingsmen



This year’s headliners included The Shadows of Knight (Jimy Sohns featuring The Reverberations), The Pandoras, The Loons, and The Woggles with the proceeds benefiting The Jeremy Wilson Foundation; an emergency healthcare fund for working musicians in the Pacific Northwest. Founder Jeremy Wilson also performed a rockin’ set with his band Salamander Island.

These talented performers, (legends, even!) and artists, as close knit as they are cool, gathered together to have fun and raise for an excellent cause and on side note, rocked some serious retro garb despite blistering 90º+ temperatures. This was my first ever Nuggets Night event and I gotta say I’m already looking forward to Nuggets Night 2018. Every band on the bill really gave their all on stage to an eager crowd ready to party.


The Loons from La Mesa, CA. Photo: Amanda Sheppard

The Pandoras: Hillary Burton (on drums), Kim Shattuck, Karen Basset, Melanie Vammen (not pictured)
Photo: Amanda Sheppard


Thee Nastees chat with The Reverberations out back at Nuggets Night 2017. Photo: Amanda Sheppard

Backstage with the Magic Wandas. Photo: Amanda Sheppard

RAF Mod Band were so much fun! Photo: Amanda Sheppard



The Shadows of Knight put on quite a show with Portland’s The Reverberations backing the irrepressible Jimy Sohns who continues to be quite a showman. Just be careful in the front row since this one likes to wield a mic stand. Dave Berkham and co. more than held their own and gave one of my favorite performances of the night. If you were one of the two people who caught our Instagram live stream, you’re welcome! 

The Pandoras (Kim Shattuck from The Muffs and Hillary Burton from Honeychain) rocked the house and I thoroughly enjoyed rockin out alongside the cheerful drunk guy on my right who managed to get a cool pic of their setlist I unfortunately missed. I only wish a could’ve nabbed a clip of their encore, but my low iPhone battery and full bladder thought otherwise. I did catch their opener along with some other goodies for instagram. Kim Shattuck and Hillary Burton are currently recording new music together as The Grumblers and have just released their first single “I’m a Sweet Girl” on Bandcamp and iTunes.



The Loons are so cool and epitomize 60s garage rock and roll culture with influences ranging from The Pretty Things and Love to The Monks. These guys gave a mesmerizing performance and I managed to nab a few clips for your viewing pleasure. Fun fact: The Loons frontman Mike Stax is also creator of garage rock zine Ugly Things and gave a reading of his book Swimming Through The Darkness at Portland’s Music Millennium as part of the pre- Nuggets Night festivities.


I have to say The Woggles gave the most energetic live performance I’ve ever seen. That’s right, kids, if The Woggles come to your town, do yourself a favor and go see these guys because they put on one helluva show. I stopped counting the number of times The Mighty Manfred Jones leaped off-stage and danced with folks in the crowd with his Woggle brethren not far behind as they powered through one ass-shakin’ number after the next. Be sure to look for their new album “Tally-Ho”  when it goes on sale August 11th.


Here are a few more highlights Nuggets Night 2017 and If you haven’t already, follow our Instagram and check out more photos and clips from The Pandoras and The Loons as well as Cigarette McQueen, RAF Mod Band, Dartgun And The Vignettes, Silver Ships, and Ten Million Lights. You can also check out my youtube channel for more Nuggets Night clips (once I finish uploading these babies!)



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