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What do you get when you mix Zeppelin, Jack White and maybe some Hendrix thrown in for good measure? You get Down Boy. A new band out of Nashville making a name for itself through a whaling lead vocalist, guitar riffs that blow your mind, bumping bass and drums that won’t quit. Meeting at Belmont University in Nashville, this band is quickly getting the attention of many in the music industry. Listen to their first single, “Pressure”, on their upcoming album and you will know why. The song was produced by Down Boy and Stuart Singleton with help from Edson Holden who recorded it at Welcome to 1979, mastered by Luke Gilfeather of the Mastering Studios. I am so excited to introduce you to this band, and I can’t wait to hear more from them. Here is what the band has to say about their music and how they came to be Down Boy…

-Who is Down Boy?

We’re three friends that all share a crazy passion for music! When you grow up living a life through music, seeing the world through songs and connecting with certain artists and feeling “emotions” and what not, music starts to become part of who you are. What you listen to, what you like, what makes you feel…it all adds up to the musician that you grow in to. When we started to play together, everything gelled so well because we all shared quite similar musical journeys. Nathan Aronowitz on guitar and vocals, Noah Miller on drums and Grayson Schweers on bass; that’s Down Boy.

-Down Boy sounds like?

While Led Zeppelin, Rage Against the Machine, Jimi Hendrix and other great rock bands undoubtedly influence us, our collective experience in multiple genres of music adds up to a sound that we can’t quite put our finger on. We kinda think we sound like us and we’re super proud of that!

-How did you meet?

Noah and I met at the Belmont University orientation week the summer before freshman year. As soon as school started, we started jamming and writing songs and we’ve been doing that ever since!

-You have a blues/rock thing going on.. How did you adapt to that sound?

We had all been in gigging bands throughout high school and developed ears for rock and blues. When we started playing with each other, our sound just kind of materialized and we had to deal with it by writing songs that would accommodate this style of music. The first song we jammed on was an original called “Can’t Help Myself” which I wrote before we had even played together. It definitely set the stage for the bluesy and groovy vibe, but I would have never guessed that I would be writing such heavy-sounding material until my ears heard the potential for it through Noah’s drums.

-How does being in Nashville play a part in your songwriting and playing?

Nashville has been like an otherworldly experience. Being fully immersed in music is really the coolest thing ever and Nashville has been such a great environment to write music in. You can feel the energy of the music industry working all around you and you can’t help but to feel inspired and electrified by the “Music City”.

-Are you in the process of making an album or an EP?

We had the pleasure of booking two days at Welcome to 1979 in May where we were able to record an entire album’s worth of songs on all vintage gear. We’ve been mixing and editing the live cuts over the summer and we’re just now starting to release the material! Needless to say, we are super pumped to share these tunes with the world.

-What is a live show like for you?

Live shows are the best experience in the world. Every time we have a gig, I seriously ask myself “will this be the next best night of my life?” I’ve never played music that speaks like this, with musicians that allow the voice to be loud and confident…we are so happy that the crowds respond well to what we have to say!! They’ve always been so supportive and we are amazed at how they get into the music just as much as we do.

-You have some pretty supportive fans, how important is that to you?

The fans make the shows. We love music and would play our stuff no matter what, but having a big room of people that just want to jam with us makes the vibe unreal. Playing and writing music is tough. You question yourself, write songs, scrap em cause you think people won’t dig, wonder if you’re on the right track or doing the right thing…but when you go out on that stage and do what you love with people that you love, you know you’re doing what you need to do.

-What is next for the band?

We are just gonna keep playing music! That’s next for us: more music. There aren’t too many things you can be sure about in life but I can guarantee that we’ll still be playing music 10 years from now.

-If you could play anywhere, any arena or stadium, concert hall… Where would you pick?

The moon.

There you have it, meet Down Boy. I am crossing my fingers to see them play live. I caught some of their show at Pilgrimage Festival a few weeks ago. I was so upset I missed the beginning because the few minutes I did see left me completely in awe of them. Follow them on Twitter for updates.

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