New Music Blast in 7 Inches

Since I was just flipping through a bunch of 7′ records I’ve picked up over the past year, I thought I’d throw out some of my favorites.

Blank Pages – No Reception
Dirt Cult Records
From Berlin, Blank Pages take a flyer on the somber melodic punk of The Wipers or Naked Raygun. Two wicked tracks of punk rock power pop here.

Dirt Cult Records
Blank Pages – Facebook

Bad Weed – Bad Weed
Bachelor Records
Bad Weed from Vienna, Austria describe their music as: “G.G. Allin and Roy Orbison in some kind of heavy petting orgy adding that sprizzy stuff that Paul Collins secretly dropped into Cindy Laupers Coka Cola at Burger King“. Sounds good to me and judging by the four trashy sneering power punk numbers here, I can’t come up with anything better than that.


Bad Weed – Facebook

Bachelor Records

The Ugly – Screw The System
Ugly Pop Records
Toronto punk legends The Ugly don’t get all the hoopla that is bestowed on The Viletones, but their 1978 single – Stranded in the Laneway/To Have Some Fun remains a pure gold nugget of punky power pop. Now rising from the ashes (the original lineup – minus infamous vocalist Mike Nightmare, who died in the late 90s) The Ugly come out swinging with a new single featuring a Stones cover and Screw The System, a crunchy punk rock number that was written in the 70s but just recorded. Released on the awesome Toronto label – Ugly Pop records.


Ugly Pop Records

Whitney Houston’s Crypt – S/T
Vacant Valley
I’m not sure how to begin even describing the music Newcastle, Australia’s Whitney Houston’s Crypt make. Boredoms meets Bauhaus meets Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel comes to mind. Screeching, dark wave punk rock. It’s an acquired taste for sure and like me, you may get some strange stares from family members when listening to Hatoful Boyfriend, but there’s something death metally about it, so it works for me.


Vacant Valley Records

WHC – Facebook

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