MISSING SIBLING – Music To Scare Your Shrink…

30 April 2016


From Forth Worth, Texas, please welcome… MISSING SIBLING. A vigorous five-piece that serves a richly charged cocktail of varied noise cuts on their brand new LP (Bandcamp link below). From power pop to grunge spiced escapades, from melodic guitar indie to dynamic slacker rock. They just shared a video for opening track ALWAYS. The agitated drive and hoarse, plaintive vocals remind of early, energetic Dinosaur Jr. days. The band told me on the video’s content: “It’s a song about feeling like a jerk that can’t be happy for others or excited about anything. When you’re in that position everyone has input about getting better. It’s okay to not be impressed by things around you and to ignore the industrialized medical pill popping culture that is so prevalent. They want to sell you on having a problem so that they can hook you on some pills.” Check your bedroom closet first before you start watching this video…

MISSING SIBLING: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Stream the new self-titled album in full in here,
play it loud and you’ll never need a shrink again…


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