Meet Miner and their newest released single “Better Instincts”

Miner is husband/wife Justin and Kate Miner teaming up with Justin’s brother Jeremy Miner and on the drums is Tobias Urbanczyk. They are the perfect combination for an indie rock, folk sound that is sure to hit home with many. They have described their sound as “Head and the Heart meets Arcade Fire meets Lord Huron”, so sign me up. Their latest release, “Better Instincts” off their second record Tuanaki finds the group traveling to Seattle to record with Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, The Shins, Modest Mouse, Band of Horses). Their California folk roots stay firmly planted though as the songs strong lyrics and floating melodies make me dream of the West coast. I love this song and this group. Talking with Kate only makes me love them more! Check out what she had to say, and I guarantee you will love them too!

-Who is Miner?
Miner is myself (Kate Miner) and my husband Justin Miner, along with his brother Jeremy Miner and our friend Tobias Urbanczyk.

-How did you adapt your sound to the way it is now?
Well it started as a small bedroom project in our house, and now we have a five piece band we’ve been playing with for bit – so over time the songs have been informed more by the sound of the band playing live. There hasn’t been a conscious effort to end up with any particular sound – Justin and I just write until we find something we both like, and then we just try to make it the best we can and see where it ends up.

-Is it harder that the group is mostly family, or does that make things easier?
In our case, I would say it makes it easier – we all get along well on the road and have the unspoken understanding that comes with knowing someone most of your life.

-Kate, how did you and Justin meet? Did you always know you would be doing music together?
We met in college and basically have been together since. I had never really written or performed music until pretty recently – around the time that Justin was putting together the first Miner recordings he asked me to sing some harmonies, and we also ended up putting a song I had written called “Big Sur” on that first release – it all went well enough that we decided to continue to write together from there on out.

-Does living in L.A. play a part in how you write songs?
I think your environment always informs your writing to some degree – consciously, or unconsciously. I’m not sure I would be able to put my finger on precisely how LA has affected our songs – although we definitely draw a lot from the history of California music in general. Also, just having so many other great bands around that live and play here always keeps pushing you to be better.

-Your lyrics to your songs are like poetry. Is it hard to make music to accompany them?
We actually usually start with the music and melody first – then try to work out what the song feels like so we can have the lyric hopefully capture that feeling. Justin and I do spend quite a bit of time working the lyrics to our songs – it can take a while to find the word or phrase that satisfies both of us.

-This next year will be big for Miner. Is that exciting or are you nervous about getting bigger as a group?
We couldn’t be more excited to get out on the road again and share some new music wth people. Definitely excited to see where next year takes us.

-If you could collaborate with any other artist, who would you pick?
That’s a tough one – so many great artists out there. We just saw My Morning Jacket last night and it was fantastic so I’ll go ahead and say Jim James 🙂

Keep up with Miner and all their latest updates on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also find this new single and previous releases on SoundCloud. They love making music and I hope they keep going!

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  • WOW- sorry this is going to be a long message. I am dogsittng in Santa Barbara and I kept hearing Better INstincts on 106.9- omu – I was obsessed with this song – they never would give the name or the group…I youtubed “gotta run” gotta roll and could FIND NOTHING..on the way to the beach the other day I just pulled off the road when it came on and wrote down better instincts…when I found it I was yelling to the UNIVERSE – I posted on my FB page and several other people love it as well…I hate to say I have never heard of you guys but you are WONDERFUL! Thanks so much! I sold everything I owned in May 2015 and am FREE and HOMELESS and loving life..came from a job in north carolina to a 4 month dogsitting job here in Santa Barbara…great place – anyway – sorry I am blabbing so much – its the Gemini in me…keep on rockin it…thanks so much, Krazy Sarah. You know in life – very rarely does a song hit your energy when you hear it for the first time…its a great feeling…

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