Marvelous Mark is Husband Material


A little while ago we posted an interview with Marvelous Mark, the power pop maestro from Toronto (you can read it HERE). Well, as promised, Marvy Mark has some new material – in fact our friends at Burger Records just released his new EP – Husband Material on cassette. These four songs continue to showcase Mark’s fine songwriting skills – and he once again lays down four absolutely perfectly fuzzy, classic power pop gems, with hooks that will rot your teeth like Captain Crunch.

The EP opens with the Pixies-like sonic buzz of “Fade Away” – but then Marvelous Mark’s layered vocal melody joins in and I forget all about Frank Black. “I Don’t Mind” combines the pop sneer of Cheap Trick with the new wave drive of The Cars. The ultra-catchy “I Want You” is a mid-tempo rocker built around around an ear-worm of a guitar lick and those soon to be patented layered harmonies (you can check out Mark’s new vid for “I Want You” below, although it’s not for the squeamish). The closer “Tell Me” is a bit of a departure, as Mark channels Buddy Holly over crystal clear guitars, shaking tambourines and rolling drums.

More please!

You can order the Husband Material cassette here: Burger Records – Marvelous Mark


Marvelous Mark Website

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