‘Tinsel Town’ by MARIE DANIELLE !

A young folk pop singer/songwriter from Los Angeles with only two songs out there but enough to prove she handles the craft of songwriting amazingly and then… her voice ! Pure beauty ! ‘Tinsel Town’ is my fav one. A 24 karat pearl, sadly it’s about a broken relationship. But we know many artists are at their best when in pain. Marie Danielle told me about her past experience : “I was living in Hollywood when I wrote the song, after a bad breakup. Hollywood is supposed to be glamorous but in those days I was seeing it in a different light, dirty and dark. It’s a song about loss and how it can change your perception of everything, but how sometimes one still wants to hold on to the light.”


Smiling to the future…

Marie is recording her debut album with musician and producer Simone Felice (yep, ex-member of The Felice Brothers). She’s highly raving: ” I started recording in October with Simone and his production partner David Baron, and Christian Wargo came along to Woodstock, NY from LA. I’m planning on doing some co-writes with Simone and heading back to Woodstock sometime this spring to finish the record. Working with Simone is nothing short of magical. I am such a huge fan of his it is surreal to be working with him. He and David, who is equally amazing, are quite the production team. And I really don’t think the record would be turning out so great without Christian along. He is just fantastic. Fleet Foxes, Poor Moon, Crystal Skulls… all his projects are phenomenal. I was blown away when he wanted to work with me.” Definitely an album to look out for. Watch this space. (Thanks for the nice little chat, Marie).


Simone Felice…

Discover also this accoustic version of ‘Tinsel Town’. Intense !…

And while you’re here. Check the other gem ‘One Of My Kind’…



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