THE MAGNIFICENT 7! Seven Most Striking Albums of 2016… So Far

Here are the seven albums that left a memorable, cutting impression on my mind and/or my heart, soul and body in the first half of 2016. Music to energize your senses in many different ways. From furious anger to mad euphoria. Soundtracks for life. For the fear filled streets, for the hedonistic dance floors and for all noisy parties in-between. Music is the dope in these troubled times! Turn up the whole shebang! Inflame your sonic summer! Hell yeah…

1/ ‘The Peace & Truce of Future of the Left’ by FUTURE OF THE LEFT
Enough nasty drones from these Welsh noisemakers to kick
all pathetic political clowns around the world into space…

FUTURE OF THE LEFT: Website – Facebook

2/ ‘Distance Inbetween’ by THE CORAL
Glorious comeback opus by the psych fueled folk
rockers from the legendary city of Liverpool…

THE CORAL: Website – Facebook

3/ ‘Chaosmosis’ by PRIMAL SCREAM
Saturday night electro-pop fever as comforting
soundtrack for today’s highly chaotic world…

PRIMAL SCREAM: Website – Facebook

4/ ‘Tracks Of Wire’ by DEUX FURIEUSES
Unambiguous & challenging powerhouse debut
by the agitated and committed British female duo…

DEUX FURIEUSES: Website – Facebook

5/ ‘Distortland’ by THE DANDY WARHOLS
The grooviest gang on this crazy planet doing
again what they do damn bloody best…

DANDYS: Website – Facebook

6/ ‘Songs For Our Mothers’ by FAT WHITE FAMILY
London’s controversial outlaws love to dance madly
with a sharp knife between their hungry teeth…

FAT WHITE FAMILY: Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Human Performance’ by PARQUET COURTS
The New York based Texan punks deal
brilliantly with anxiety & paranoia…


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