THE MAGNIFICENT 7! Seven Big Singles Turning 25 in 2017…

Seven smashing singles released in 1992, turning 25 in 2017.
Here’s some timeless magic. Let’s start the jukebox!…

1/’Creep’ by RADIOHEAD
“But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo” – unforgettable debut single…
Released: 21 September 1992

2/ ‘Drive’ by R.E.M.
Melancholic masterpiece from ‘Automatic For The People‘ LP…
Released: 1 October 1992

3/ ‘Jump Around’ by HOUSE OF PAIN
Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump – Hip Hop at its bouncy best…
Released: 5 May 1992

4/’Pretend We’re Dead’ by L7
Released: April 1992
When the all female Detroit grunge punks went catchy
From their ‘Bricks Are Heavy’ album…

5/ ‘It’s A Shame About Ray’ by THE LEMONHEADS
Vintage Evan Dando pop cut from the same titled album…
Released: June

6/’Motorcycle Emptiness’ by MANIC STREET PREACHERS
Best track from double debut album Generation Terrorists
Released: 1 June 1992

7/ ‘Reverence’ by THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN
“I wanna die just like Jesus Christ” – from ‘Honey’s Head‘ LP…
Released: March 1992

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