Lost In The Racks, Never Coming Home


  • “Drugland Weekend”- Hounds
  • “I’ve Got A Reason”Moon Martin
  • “Eleven It Ends”- Brian Beverly
  • “Death To A. O. R.”- The Edge
  • “Better Beware”- Tranzista
  • “Young Girl”- Sue Saad and the Next
  • “C’mon”- Wet Taxis
  • “Smoke From Cromwell’s Time”- Blyth Power
  • “My Favourite D.J.”- The Headboys
    Album: The Headboys
    Year: 1980



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Jim Powers

I used to always write "sideburns and leather, rock and roll forever" in things like this but I'm 35 now and the sideburns are gone and the leather jacket doesn't really fit. However, I'm still like that in my mind.

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