“Lock your doors! Caged Heat is back” Q&A with Chilly Kurtz of Caged Heat

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Talk about loving the blues, today we bring you a few words with Chilly Kurtz of Caged Heat. This is serious old school influenced blues jams with some serious harmonica playin goin on. The years of experience are on full display , Caged Heat rocks like a Band on a mission. I could take the day off of work, phone in it in sick , just to listen to all these cool tunes. I love live shows and I’m hoping that I get the opportunity to see Caged Heat live. Please visit Florida

Chilly Kurtz of Caged Heat Q&A

Hi our name is….

Caged Heat

our sound is……

Warm, dark, blues-pop

We are….

Chilly Kurtz on vocals, guitar, harmonica, Pam Kerensky on

Bass, Johnny Berosh on drums/percussion, Peter Hansen on

keys and a revolving door of special guests….

We are from…….


Who are some that have an influence on you

Little Walter, Willie Dixon, Bullet LaVolta, and Morphine

How old were all of you when you started to play

Late teens early twenties

Can you tell us about the process you use, from writing the songs all

the way through getting the songs out

Lets see, thin air? It’s always a mystery to me where these

songs come from, they just seem to go “poof”, pop into my

head, from there, I show them to the band. When we go in the

studio we actually record live. Didn’t do it that way in the

beginning and something was lost in translation. I wanted to

capture that vibe we had live. That’s a real advantage to

longevity in a band, getting to a point where we can go into the

studio and record all together, live. That seemed to be the

answer to the lost vibe, from lost to found as a solid unit

what are some of the challenges you face as musicians and how

have you overcome those challenges

Paying for the practice space, strings, amp repair, lol, overcome

with a day job. Not very romantic or glamorous is it?

1st rock concert you went to and age....

Rossington-Collins Band. I was 10, at sleep-away camp and they

brought us to see them. Talk about dating myself! Great concert


coolest band t-shirt you ever bought…

Ronnie Lane Benefit at MSG, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Eric

Clapton, etc,…wow, talk about an awesome concert! I wish I still

had that t-shirt

the most insane concert you ever went to or were a part of….

Nashville Pussy at the Linwood (which is now called Church) in

Boston. The bass player was fire-spitting, seriously, the ceiling

looked like it was on fire and she didn’t even burn the place

down. David Bowie and Tin Machine at the World(NYC)is also

worth a mention cause he was so amazing and what a great

place to see it.

If you could open for any Band right now who would that be and


Here’s a cheesy answer for you. The Rolling Stones, cause who

wouldn’t want to open for them and we’re just about out of time

for that to happen, plus I would love to sit-in and play harmonica

with them, that wouldn’t be cheesy at all.

My youngest son is 13 and in a Band, what advice would you offer


I would tell him to forget success and to make sure he has fun

doing it. It’s such a labor of love and if you aren’t enjoying

yourself in the process, it’s a huge waste of time and energy

your thoughts on the state of rock ‘n’ roll in 2015…..

Sad! When I was coming up, it was all about seeing live music.

That’s all I cared about was seeing bands play, clubs, arena’s,

I’ve seen so many amazing shows from local to national acts,

good times. It seems like no one under 30 even cares to see

bands play anymore, unless they have some kind of pop seal of

approval. They don’t even know what they’re missing and

youtube just doesn’t cut it for me

Our plans for the rest of 2015…..

Play as many shows possible, record at least 5 new songs and

maybe even make a video, nothing wrong w/u-tube, it’s a lot of

fun, just not a great replacement for live shows

Caged Heat formed in 1998 and have released two albums and

have been on many compilations. They toured the East coast

with bands like The Upper Crust, Buck Cherry, Sylvan Sylvan,

The Lyres, The Charms, Scissorfight, and Gang Green.

Caged Heat, Facebook
Caged Heat, CD Baby
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