LIVE: Useless Eaters w/ Thee MVPs @ Shacklewell Arms, London. 31.03.2015

Credit: Dillon Donovan

DISCLAIMER: I left the show sweaty, wide eyed and thinking I was probably about to die.  Needless to say, it was fucking great.

Support came from London band Thee MVPs, who were so energetic it was actually impossible to get a photo that wasn’t blurry (plus my phone/photo skills are clearly quite rubbish but shhh).  Delivering catchy, lively garage tunes (go check out ‘Wandwaver‘) by the end of the set the crowd were warmed up and rearing for the headline act.

Thankfully we didn’t have to wait long. Just enough time for a quick cigarette and nifty trip to the bar, Useless Eaters took to the stage and it was immediately clear by the anticipation washing over the venue that something brilliant was about to happen.  And it did.  Raw, mesmerising and sinister, the audience were pulled into the set : the impact of the live show was inescapable.

Distorted, unworldly guitars and repetition of riffs, standout tracks from the set included sharp “Dungeon” and psychotic “Hidden Fees”.  The uneasy undertones were so strong live it’s hard to think of a band around currently that are as genuine in capturing such emotion, and have the dynamics and skill to translate it so well to music.

Although sound issues disrupted the set, and called for a momentary and slightly bizarre keyboard loop interlude (“Shit! Have some techno while we sort this!”) the break only created a volcanic response from both band and crowd when Useless Eaters returned. The sheer attack and volume of the band left me no choice but to quit being the outsider reviewer at the back and hurl myself into the front of the stage madness.  (A feat that does not happen often when I’m working, so major kudos).

“The devil’s in the alleyway pissing in the gutter, pissing on the lives of the everyday people. Process the text, you see it on your screen, the killer’s the high rise building driving the death machine.”  – Out In The Night, 2014.

The above snippet from the track penned in recognition of 9-5ers escaping the mundane through general debauchery is just one window into the set.  Useless Eaters thrive on the contortion of life as we know it, and the songs invite you to explore the world through this distorted reflection – dark, brilliant, ominous and raw in equal measures.  The live show is out of this world, totally unnerving and explosive.  It’s hard to find comparisons. Anyway, if you can’t see them live just yet, the record will surely do the trick.

USELESS EATERS “Singles: 2011-2014” LP by Useless Eaters

Useless Eaters’ new release on Slovenly is a collection of singles from 2011-2014.  ORDER IT NOW


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