LIVE – ULTIMATE PAINTING Draw Dreamy Circles in Brussels…

Botanique, Brussels
11 October 2016


ULTIMATE PAINTING is Jack Cooper and James Hoare of two different indie bands, respectively, Mazes and Veronica Falls. A remarkable singer/songwriter duo gifted with
a remarkable production engine. They released three albums – hello, Radiohead? – in
just over two years, while getting better and better along the way. With every longplayer
they gain more fans and critical acclaim. The sensitive pair paint moony day-and-night
dreams with highly appealing, blue guitar colors many – young and old – can relate to.
Like the softer side of that legendary New York gang The Velvet Underground.


Harmonic, melodic and atmospheric. Delicious acoustic meditations on their daily
life observations amplified with glowing, electric guitars. Live they get assistance from
bassist Will Young & drummer Bill Roe. The four-piece landed in Brussels last Tuesday following the launch of their brand new 3rd LP ‘Dusk‘. Their quietest moments so far. Uncomplicated but richly crafted melodies driven by a glimmering flood of delicious,
repetitive guitar promenades. Natural born songs, no special effects. Like a rippling,
little mountain river finding its own way. The perfect mood for those long, dark and
cold nights coming back slowly around the corner. Their set – a sparkling mix of their
work so far – got everybody in a kind of spiritual mindset caused by the warmth and
intimacy that quickly filled the wonderful basement of this historical Botanique building.

But in the end the band surprised everybody with a boiling blues jam rendition of Ten Street . As if they wanted to warn the floating audience that we need to get out of the magical fantasy box – they created themselves – now and then, back into real life. A thrilling exclamation mark after a delightful performance.

This performance here for Seattle’s KEXP radio station will give
you a pretty good idea of the band’s sonic world …

ULTIMATE PAINTING: Facebook – Twitter

(concert pics by JL)

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