LIVE REVIEW: Step Sisters Rock the 5 Spot

the step sisters

the 5 spotEAST NASHVILLE: It just feeeeels good to hangout in East Nashville on a weeknight. When many other places are quiet, East Nashville remains full of life. The young hipsters, heavy rockers, and those of the punk persuasion are out and about in all kinds of harmony. The place to be last night was the 5 spot. Cold Lunch Recordings presented a lineup that was on point. Performing was Mouth Reader, Mom and Dad, The Continuums, and my personal favorite The Step Sisters. The Step Sisters rocked out the stage as hard and loud as I hoped they would. the step sisters

I watched as people filed in as the music starting blasting… Blasting from every bit of speaker available. Blaring that Step Sisters sound. A sound so raunchy and so raw it made me want to scream. A scream that would last a good ten seconds. A scream so full of sincerity and passion. the step sistersThe Step Sisters sound to me is a mix between Radiohead and Nirvana. They played songs from their debut EP, Thick. Every song very thick with screaming guitars, punchy drums and an attacking, edgy bass. I enjoyed watching them jump around stage and you could tell they were doing what they were supposed to be doing, rockin’ out in East Nashville…

the step sisters

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