Live from The High Watt

West AM at The High Watt

Here are some photos from last night’s show at The High Watt… First up, West AM. An alt-rock group that reminds of The NBHD. Smooth, sexy jams from these guys that rock at the core.

West AM is an alternative pop-rock band comprised of four individuals who pursue multifaceted creative expression in the modern era. Kindling messages of humanity and positivity in the wake of adversity, their sound is a fusion of fresh, accessible lyrics, melodies, and instrumentation that provides undeniable entertainment. The band demonstrates a compelling and cathartic live experience with their genuine themes, connecting them to listeners through intentional, insinuated conversation. Perhaps as unique as they come, West AM not only gets people moving their bodies, but feeling their hearts

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Next was a group out of Atlanta, Social. It reminded me of a Jr. Jr. show I went to recently. The songs were light and airy and yet there was an intense energy that surrounded the room. The audience was captivated by the performance of this five-piece indie/pop band.

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