LIVE! A Blue Tuesday in Belgium with PETER HOOK AND THE LIGHT…

W-Festival Wortegem-Petegem, Belgium
23 August 2016


When PETER HOOK – original bass player of JOY DIVISION and NEW ORDER – started a solo project some years ago, not to create new music but to play the (old) records of both bands he was part of, I was utterly suspicious. Why do that? For the money? As a heavy Joy and Order fan I was persuaded that no member, whoever, could recreate solo the music the right way. But when I came across some electrifying live footage of gigs Hook played around the globe with his band THE LIGHT (including his son) on YouTube I just loved it from the first second. Why? Here’s why…

… yes, pretty awesome, isn’t it? It made me realise again that he was after all a major force in the development of Joy Division‘s unique sound. Nobody played the bass as he did when that stellar Manchester gang started to make some brilliant noise as Warsaw back in 1976 and later on, after the sad death of Ian Curtis, with New Order. Also he was/is the coolest cat of both bands. Therefore seeing & hearing the man play in the flesh last Tuesday for the first
time was no less than special. I saw him performing before with NO several times, but this
was different, this was the only rocker of those legendary bands doing impressive stuff with
his bass in the middle of the stage now. And, yes, he did justice to any Joy/Order song just perfectly. This amateur clip (thanks to Numaoid65) of Isolation will give you an idea of the
vibe last Tuesday…

The show was near perfect (even without their real drummer as the man missed his flight to the festival). From ‘Your Silent Face’ to ‘She’s Lost Control’. Why not plain perfect? Well, he didn’t play LOVE WILL TEAR US APART. I was really hoping for it. Damn you, Hooky. Even worse, I learned afterwards that he planned to perform the gloomy cracker but cancelled it at the last minute for unknown reasons/pleasures. How do I know? Here’s the set list as showed on the band’s Facebook page after the concert…


But, hey, no worries, long live the internet. Here’s a beautiful cathedral choir version
of that timeless classic..

PETER HOOK AND THE LIGHT: Facebook – Twitter


(concert pics by JL)



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