Let’s Take A Little Trip To The UK for some Garage Rock , Meet…..TheMisanthropists!


These guys have been awesome, waiting for me to get this posted. I’m still catching up from my vacation and that was almost a month ago. Pretty sure my listening to new/old music takes mega time away from posting but I find both fun and relaxing so I try to do both.. TheMisanthropists don’t try to re-invent the wheel. they are laying down some solid/fun/bluesy/trippy garage rock and it sounds like they are having a blast doing that. We are always on the lookout for new and exciting Bands so it’s my pleasure to give these guys a listen and I hope you can take a few minutes out of your busy lives and listen to TheMisanthropists.

Hi our name is….

The Misanthropists!

People say we sound like…..

Hmm no one specifically.. Usually mixes between stuff like The Black Keys and Some 60s bands but with more of a drug induced take on it?

We are..
Louie Boffa (vocalist)
Marc Aster (Guitarist&Vocals)
Omar Lacchinni (drums&bass)

We are originally from…..
London Islington!

Who are some that have an influence on your sound??

There are A LOT of bands we love from Sabbath to Zeppelin to The Bee Gees!! We all love the blues too! But yeah we could give a very long list on our influences we have to usually put everything into genres!

The first time we

Hmm the first time we got paid for a gig was pretty weird haha!

Books we recommend …
Perfume is pretty fucking sick man! And Misery!

Can you tell us about the process you use, from writing the songs all the way through getting the album ready?

It’s all pretty touch and go it could be anyone of us just sitting there at 3am high off some shit and a song can just come out of no where and bang it’s on the record!

Our craziest gig ever was….

Probably our most recent at The Spice of Life certainly sounded wicked! But our first gig ever! It was at the natural history museum and there must of been at least 1000 people it was the biggest crowd any of us has ever performed in front of I think…

If you could pick any time to travel back to for music, where would you go and what year would it be….

Probably the late 20s and 30s to see Robert Johnson and Son House and all the other blues legends! And definitely the 60s!

Growing up ,at home we listened to…..

I grew up to A LOT of Bowie, Rolling Stones, Zeppelin, pink floyd, Nirvana etc. Omar more towards sabbath, pink floyd as well and we both had an obsession with AC/DC in our younger days! Whereas Louie who is also into the same music as us and shares a mutual style of musical taste as me with regards to Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys etc he was also into a lot of deep house and the nice chill beats which we all love especially when lighting one up 😉

What tunes are on heavy rotation for you…

I’m obsessed with a song called You’re Haunting Me by Bass Drum of Death at the moment but there’s no time for rotation on our playlist it’s too big!

If you could open for any Band right now who would that be and why?

There’s wayyyyy too many.. But let’s definitely say Sabbath, AC/DC, Jack White, Black Keys or Pink Floyd because there all fucking wicked man!

If you could give any advise to the kids who are just picking up their 1st guitars or drum sets and want to be in a rock n roll band , what’s your advise?

Stick at learning you’re instrument and when you have just make sure you put all your expression In the instrument you’re playing make it hit people whether it pisses them off or makes them sob if you can hit someone’s emotions with you’re music then you’re doing something right!

When you are touring and have some time off , where could we find you..,.,

In Amsterdam at the coffee shops smoking a lot!

The one thing we want you to remember while your listening to us

That we all hate the government and the materialism in society. Fuck them kind of people.

listen to their excellent debut album….

and you can follow TheMisanthropists…

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